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Minimum wage is taking the country in the wrong direction

February 23, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

While the question raised in this past Saturday's Breeze was, "should minimum wage be raised to $9 an hour?", I wonder how all who answered yes would have responded in the same manner if the question asked were "how would you like to pay $5 for a hamburger?" That seems to me, the direction our already established minimum wage is already taking us.

Anyone who thinks that minimum wage is creating any more so sorely needed jobs here in our country, better take another look at that one. Fact of the matter, I do believe the minimum wage is one factor helping take our nation down the road to oblivion, pushing us deeper into debt and not allowing for our truly creative people to create and prosper.

Small business? Do we want it to exist? I think not because not everyone can be "king of the hill."

Remember that.

Joe Curran

Cape Coral



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