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Thank you, President Obama

February 16, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Some Answers to the Pre State of the Union concerns of some local media:

The Pre State of the Union comments featured many of the same false doctrines which Conservatives know are untrue but create more division.

Redistribution of wealth.- I think they mean more than 10 years of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate welfare, redistribution from the working man to the rich.

Disappointment because the President has not done more.- Yes, we are disappointed because your friends (Republicans, Tea Party, Congress) refused to work with the President to get the work done. They wanted to take from the elderly, poor, sick, unemployed, etc., and continue a Republican heyday at the expense of the disadvantaged. They worked to further concentrate wealth in the hands of the rich.

The country is going broke; the President will bankrupt the country. - The country is not bankrupt and in fact, the deficit is improving. Government needed to spend to save the economy. We need to create jobs, not give away to the rich and corporations which were not creating jobs. Yes, the stimulus worked, despite the great effort of the opposition to negate it.

How do you solve the problem of a dysfunctional Congress? - Sir, if we the people believe in the President's agenda is the right one, then we should send this dysfunctional Congress home. The problem has been many people are biased and tend to believe the lies they hear repeated.

Mr. Obama didn't right the ship.- Well, we elected a Congress determined to sink the ship (because we elected an African-American President). Perhaps we can join in to eliminate prejudice and honor a job well done.

"He is grinding down the upper half, trying to raise the lower half." "People come here at the absolute bottom rung to have a chance to reach the top." - Is not America the land of opportunity? The American Dream is still about equal opportunity, giving hard, honest workers opportunity to live. In my life time that has not often been the case. We tend to take advantage of those on the lower rung to enrich the wealthy.

We also have a tradition of being our brothers' keeper (volunteering). Government is the savior of last resort, (unless the needy are minorities who we have made dependent), then we call them lazy. The homeless, needy, elderly, etc. are a bother so we can cut entitlements

So I say thank you Mr. Obama for standing up for the disadvantaged even when our Congress wants to throw them under the bus.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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