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Now is not the time to suspend impact fees

February 2, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Now is not the time to suspend impact fees as Commissioners Frank Mann and Tammy Hall said.


The county is out $10 million dollars that we need to run our county. Since we have borrowed on these impact fees we will be out another $30 million to $40 million dollars. This adds up to be more than $50 million to $60 million we will be in the hole for. Our bond ratings could go down and we could be out even more millions.

Where is the Clerk of Courts screaming about this travesty? Our county could go bankrupt!

Don't raise sales taxes since this hurts all of us but especially the poor people and the same goes for gas taxes. With the suspension of impact fees our utilities people will raise their rates and all of us will pay more. Many more county layoffs will be inevitable.The county budget will be in shambles. Our taxes will go up .

As Realtor Jim Green said, the housing industry has rebounded very well. New houses are going up and sales of existing homes are climbing. New businesses are thriving with new business structures going up all over our county.

Teachers, police, firemen, emergency response people will lose valuable revenue. County parks and recreation will take a hard hit.

Commissioner Pendergrass, why are you biting the hand that fed you? The police will be out revenue. Listen to the Local Planning Agency which voted against this.

Why reward the building industry and Realtors who got us into this near depression and horrid economy? Let them work harder to make our economy better with the impact fees that we need for costly new roads and what was mentioned above .

Even our mayors are not happy with this suspension.

20/20 funds will be raided .

Listen to the people. Keep impact fees or we all will suffer.

Carl Veaux

Cape Coral



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