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We celebrate Martin

January 12, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

We will soon celebrate another anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King. We celebrate his life and accomplishments but I wonder if we remember to celebrate the difficulties he personally had with the attackers. I also wonder if any of us thought at that time that we would be having the same struggles we are having with racism, discrimination, violence and also warfare. We still have the struggles and have added a few, like voter suppression, violence toward women and other groups, i.e. religious groups and immigration.

We are not so great as we might think in this mighty democracy. I am certain that Martin Luther knows we would have dark days. He struggled privately with hate, lies, violence, and suppression. I wonder if he could imagine what the first African American President would be facing. We all knew of the John Birches, the KKK, Bill Conner, and some other institutions of hate and racism. However, compared to the level of hate, violence, and oppression, today's groups have PhDs, the 1960s were kindergartners. They are also financed by rich families and corporations. They sit in the highest level of government, both in federal and state. They control communications, newspapers, T.V., radio, the internet, etc.

The march from Selma to Montgomery was a piece of cake compared to any struggle we must confront today to secure freedom. The opposition has high power offense and doesn't need a defense. We are brain washed and seduced to defend them.

We join and support those household names like the Tea Party, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity, the NRA, and FREE (Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment). These are all armies of the Koch Brothers, Murdocks, and Roves, etc. We listen to and support Savage, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh, as they are presenting their gospel of hate and lies.

We read and view intently the Wall Street Journal and FOX as they soothe our souls and rock us to sleep with hate.

These agents are only the surface. We bought in hook, line, and sinker. Now we must struggle to raise ourselves out of this mess. We must find a way to again bring ourselves collectively back together and find what the real America is supposed to represent.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Fort Myers



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