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Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away

January 12, 2013
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

To answer all the mantra chanters; Yes, President Obama did win re-election. Now, have I soothed your egos with such a statement? Does it allow all of you to feel better? Good, now I'll continue with a lucid argument.

As a direct result of this decision by the electorate we must all deal with his policies which pass through Congress for the next four years, all of us. That is simply the way this country is built, and I am thankful for such a system put in place by the founders.

That being said, does his re-election mean that the remainder of us who do not agree with his policies must now kowtow to his every wish and whim when it comes to spending and taxes? I think not, after all this is still a democracy isn't it? We still do possess the "right" to disagree, correct? Didn't the very same electorate re-elect a Republican dominated House?

If you want to cite one side of this past election as a mandate, then I must also be allowed to cite the other side as a mandate.

I believe, as do many others, that to keep borrowing to support poor spending habits will lead us all down the path to ruin. To borrow a phrase from our President, the "economic sustainability" of such a venture is simply non-existent.

Can someone who possesses actual knowledge and experience on the subject please explain how we can continue to borrow billions per day to support exorbitant spending habits and avoid going down the path to ruin? The short answer is no, no one can. No sane individual would publicly make such a claim.

This all boils down to selfishness, the selfishness of the current generation of adults who refuse to take their hands out of the pockets of their children, or another's children. Adults who seemingly are shedding more responsibility for their own actions and existence as each day passes, and don't seem to care. Adults who are willing on both the federal and most state levels to mortgage the future in an all-out concerted effort to avoid dealing with a major issue in the present.

I issue a challenge to anyone reading this: Put away the slogans, rhetoric, and partisanship to explain how we can continue to borrow and not land in default in the future. Humor me.

Oh, and before you pull out the "tax the rich even more" line, if you seized all of the rich's wealth, (all of it, every penny), you might have enough money to run the economy for a period which would fall well short of one year, then that wealth is gone forever and you couldn't tax it again.

Now, as I said, humor me with an answer.

James Angiulo Jr

Cape Coral



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