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Double dip

November 10, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There has been a lot of preoccupation with voter fraud this year.

States have enacted legislation requiring photo identification, shorter

early voting days and hours yet the possible easiest method for voter

fraud remains unchecked. Here in the Sunshine State of Florida, thousands

if not millions of snow birds and vacation home owners, flock in and out of

our state. They apply for drivers licenses, homestead exemptions, and all

kinds of identifications accepted by the State Election Boards as legitimate

identification. I suspect there is a lot of double voting going on in this

state and in other places like Florida with large transient population

shifts and nobody cares. It is very easy for a so-called dual resident to

obtain a mail-in ballot at either state of residency and vote again in the

other state.

Our very own Gov. Scott jumped into the free-for-all voter fraud issue

earlier this year and made local election boards check their registers and

purge would be suspect voters. "Hispanic-sounding" names were targeted, but

not vacation homeowners or part-time residents. A handful of non citizens

were found by the news media and a few dead folks were still on the books.

I wonder if the intent for all this concern was to suppress voters or

really identify voter fraud? Double voting was not targeted by our governor

or the local election boards and I wonder why not since it is so easy to

check out. Each state has the ability to check their computerized records

and recover information as it relates to a particular voter by name with a

date of birth, a Social Security number, home address, etc. They can tell

what elections you voted in and if you voted on election day, early voted,

or by mail in ballot.

If you really wanted to identify voter fraud, all you have to do is cross

check with the other state computer records and you will get the answer and

identify who is fraudulently voting twice. I wonder when our State of

Florida and or our federal government will get serious about voter fraud

and start doing something about it.

Voting twice is a felony punishable by incarceration and or a fine. I

wonder if looking the other way would also be consider a crime by our state

and elected officials charged with the responsibility managing our


George Hopgood

Cape Coral



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