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Sky is not falling

November 10, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I, as many of you did, watched with fascination our election figures come on

the screen.

Many are so disappointed in the results that they believe the sky will fall,

as Chicken Little said.

The figures turned out to so very close I really thought just maybe it would

be a tie.

I understand that happened only once in the l800s.

As I was drinking my morning coffee and reading the paper, this is what I

have to say.

I am so proud.

So many people, young and old, stood in line for hours to vote.

While I was disgusted with words said during the campaign and the the money

spent by each party.... mostly to why you should NOT vote for his opponent,

I prefer to look at the pluses.

The figures showed how hard it was to determine who to vote for but we did

it, and without guns or riots.

Hooray for us.

Now stop the would of, could ofs, and let's all cross the aisle. Then we

will see results.

It was wonderful to hear the words of Mr. Romney in his concession speech

and the words of our President in accepting the nomination.

Yes, I shall say Mr. President as I was taught to more name calling


Remember these words? Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you

can do for your country.

We American have pulled together during trying times before, how about doing

it now?.

God bless America

Elizabeth Roberto

Cape Coral



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