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Make your vote count

October 26, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It's voting time again! Here are a few questions to review prior to voting.

Why don't we have enough jobs? Why is the real unemployment rate so high? Why is our manufacturing base shrinking? Why are so many people in need of food assistance? Why do federal and state governments allow us and our livestock to eat genetically modified corn when life span tests on rats prove that rats suffer a 70 to 80 percent tumor rate? Why have family incomes been shrinking? Why has household net worth gone from positive to negative? Why do those with jobs work harder in comparison to those in so many other nations? Why does it take two working adults, instead of one, to support the once typical household?

What happened to all those who lost their jobs and homes? Why did we get into so much personal debt? Why do college educations cost too much? Why do Social Security checks purchase less? Why do food and other costs rise faster than our incomes? Why does the government spy on us? Why did Homeland Security buy so many hollow point bullets? Why do adults allow themselves and their children to be irradiated and felt up at airport terminals? If there are so many terrorists why have they never blown even one foot of the millions of feet of unguarded train tracks?

Why do free trade treaties which are frequently fast tracked end up with less domestic production and fewer good jobs? Why does the Federal Reserve give money to itself and special interests and never any to us? Why does Federal Reserve policy promote more debt to us while giving us dollars which purchase less?

Why does the federal government allow Tilapia fish which are fed pig and duck feces to be imported and eaten by Americans? Why has our society shifted from people, family, faith and free enterprise and towards human resources, the breakdown of traditional family, the worship of the few and financial and crony capitalism?

Why have President Obama and presidential hopeful Romney never submitted a balance budget? Why do American politicians who have mismanaged our government think they have the ability and right to run the affairs of other countries? Why are we always at war?

Why do major international corporations host the two candidate presidential debates? Why did they exclude major third party candidates with substantial experience? Why did the establishment media block campaign coverage of independent and third party candidates who have earned ballot access? Do the two parties and Wall Street believe in Democracy?

Does it seem possible that our problems will be solved if we elect politicians who keep us on the same path? Why support failed leadership and failed directions? Why get information from unreliable and compromised sources?

Be a good citizen voter. Understand the problems, ask the questions, and promote the solutions by using the Internet. Here news sites like infowars are becoming the new media. Make your vote count.

James Arft

Cape Coral



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