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You make the decision

October 26, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Let's look at the past 10 years and how the cost of living has increased. The important thing that 10 years ago living in America was good, people working, making money and generally happy. Today things are not so good so can we afford to live with unemployment high, government supporting the people.

Let's look at how cost of living has increased in the past 10 years. (Source Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Eggs up 73 percent, beer up 25 percent, gasoline up 158 percent, ground beef 61 percent, bacon 39 percent, tomatoes 22 percent, turkey 56 percent, margarine 143 percent, beef steaks 41 percent, electricity 42 percent, wine 60 percent, apples 43 percent, orange juice 46 percent, bread 39 percent, milk 26 percent. How can we sustain continued increases in the cost of living with lower pay and increased unemployment during this administration?

We live in troubling times, worldwide can we agree; America is in a weakened position in a period where the danger is serious. Can we even react to minor events? Perhaps, most importantly, can we speak as the leader of the world? Some would argue that is good but what do you think with parts of the world on fire and our military being reduced?

We must accept that the growth of the government safety net has contributed to massive government deficits and a larger government will continue to undermine economic growth and job creation.

Remember in 2009 gasoline was $1.81 per gallon, today $3.75 and in some areas in the county it is over $4 per gallon. Do you see things getting better? So how come the President says "we are on the right path." Do you believe we are on the right path? What do you think, time for a change perhaps? Let's get out and make the right choice and elect a President that understands business with an excellent resume of success.

Tom McNulty

Cape Cora



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