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Vote for Congressional balance

October 26, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To editor:

The 2012 election is around the corner and I encourage all of you to learn about who will be our new members in Congress. This is probably the most important step towards a better future for all Floridians and our country.

The public needs to educate themselves about the candidates and their experienced ability to serve the people. Which candidates have already made any pledges to work for the people? Now is time to vote for new leaders who will be representing you and not special interest groups. Positive growth begins with the people and not the 2 percent. Aren't you tired of trickle down economics? Why is my food bill so high? Why are our medication bills going up? Why is our housing market not recovering? Why haven't we enacted laws to stop foreclosures in Florida which have been proven to boost economic growth? Many other states have already enacted bills to strengthen their housing market. Wasn't Florida hardest hit?

We need to look at these issues and direct this towards Congress which has been creating legislation for their own benefit without public knowledge. Have you seen the recent Bill Moyers program about A.L.E.C.? Where did the amendments on the 2012 ballot come from? Were they written for your benefit or theirs? Why did the Womens League of Voters denounce these amendments? Why have our votes been purged and isn't purging illegal? Do you think this is a clean race for humanity? Doesn't this underline our American constitutional rights? We deserve the right to be able to participate in the legislative process before new laws are enacted that do nothing to help the middle class or our current slow economic growth.

Has Congress forgotten the word honor or why they were elected by the people of Florida? Integrity and experience should be at the top of their standards but somehow I have reason to believe many in Congress have forgotten why they were elected or who elected them. This bitter battle is about destroying laws that were put in place for many decades including women's rights. The current Congress seems content to eliminate don't ask don't tell, medical care for everyone, little tax for corporations and the wealthy, and more deregulation of wall street, which in fact, caused the crash of 2007.

Are we becoming a plutocracy?

Vote for the right candidates who will represent the people, who will repeal Citizens United, and not favor A.L.E.C.

Your vote is about protecting you and not the corporations. Please reelect Mr. Sen. Bill Nelson. Elect Jim Roach and Will Bronson for our local congressional districts. Please vote for new congressional balance and a president who stands by these values for the people of this county, President Barack Obama.

Deborah Green

Cape Coral



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