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Vote Whitehead

October 26, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Charlie Whitehead or Larry Kiker for County Commissioner, District 3?

EXPERIENCE: As a reporter since the mid-1980s, Charlie Whitehead consistently gave us in-depth research and thoughtful analysis of the issues and events shaping our lives in Southwest Florida. Charlie Whitehead knows Lee County and Lee County government.

As a Town Councilman, Larry gave Fort Myers Beach residents higher taxes, he doubled the size of town government, and he didn't fulfill any of his campaign promises. He was a failure as mayor.

ON BEING A REPUBLICAN: Charlie Whitehead was already a registered Republican when he moved to Lee County in 1986, and has actively voted every since.

Larry moved to Lee County in 1995 but didn't register to vote until 2006 when he wanted to vote for himself for Town Council. And he didn't become a Republican until 2010.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Charlie Whitehead is an ethical, moral man, who has contributed to virtually every effort to make things better in our community, mostly without any fanfare. Beach Little League, Beach Elementary School, committees for the town and the county - Charlie Whitehead has been there to get things done.

Larry was virtually invisible in this community until he got on to Town Council in 2006. Since then his efforts have been to divide the beach community. He antagonized and tried to bully the Library District over the building of a new library that had been in the works for a decade. He pushed through a plan to increase alcohol consumption on the beach, despite opposition from the majority of beach residents and all six of his predecessor mayors who are still alive. Don't believe in cronyism? Take a look at who has benefited from what Larry has done.

CAMPAIGN: Charlie Whitehead is running a true grass roots campaign, funded by people who know he is the right man for the job. He will take office owing no one connected to PACs, special interest groups or other sources of "soft money."

Larry won the primary largely because of soft money, lots of it, aimed at getting Ray Judah out of office. Larry has some new friends to take care of.

THE RIGHT CHOICE: Lee County does not need the kind of governance Larry is known for. The right choice is Charlie Whitehead, a man of integrity who wants what is best for the people of Lee County, not just for himself and his friends. Vote for the man who has proven he can bring people together to find solutions that will make our communities stronger and our lives better. Vote for Charlie Whitehead!

M Katie Corning

Fort Myers Beach



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