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Vote your pocketbook

October 26, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Royalty doesn't seem to have gone out of style. Local politicians seem to think so. Several county commissioners treat top executives so with taxpayer monies. Karen Hawes is forced to resign from her position because she didn't function properly. She gets a huge amount of money and perks as a reward with only Brian Bigelow objecting. She gets a golden parachute. This is all at the same time as county workers are starving for money and are not treated in the same manner. (They are like the old-fashioned British peasant!) With an election coming up several of these commissioners are seeking re-election. Voters should be smart enough to vote for their opponents who might not give away the store. It is time that the taxpayers speak.

Unhappily, this is not new nor unique to Lee County government. Precedent was set with the Lee School District. James Browder (former superintendent) had a similar history and left his office under a cloud of questions. Board members led by Jeannie Dozier gave him a royal golden parachute of over $500,000. Again voters had a chance to express their disgust at public officials who don't understand that it is taxpayer money at stake. In this case they can vote for her opponent, Bob Chilmonik, who was on the School Board at the time and opposed this largesse.

At times of economic hardship voters must look for people in office who not only talk but practice fiscal conservatism. Change in this regard will only take place if the voter exercises his or her rights and expresses themselves at the polls.

John E. Traube

Cape Coral



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