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It’s time to take our country back

October 20, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The fast approaching election which will ultimately determine the path our great country will follow for years to come is now upon us. The ideologies of the candidates could not be any more different. Our current President wants a Socialistic model of America to emerge should he be reelected. The opposing candidate seeks to cede the power of government back to the people by empowering the individual. Therein lays the glaring difference between the two. One truly believes government knows better than you do what is good for your family. In fact, they have already suggested dictates as to what you should eat around your very own dinner table at home, as well as actually applying the same dictates as to what your children can now eat in school, yes they are now in full force and effect. Yet, supporters do not even remotely see an issue with this, the question is why?

The yearly deficits which will be accumulated each year during the next term should this President be reelected are as follows; 1.1 trillion, 1.1 trillion, 1.1 trillion, and 1.1 trillion. This does not count the current year in which the deficit will tally an additional 1.1 trillion. The elephant in the room is the following question for Mr. Obama and his supporters; where is all this money going to come from to fund this spending? If your answer is from the rich, think again, if you confiscated all the wealth, every penny from the rich, you would not even remotely accrue what you needed to fund even the first year. So, where is the money coming from? Have any of you figured it out yet? That's right; it is coming from all of us, not just the wealthy as has been stated. As Mr. Obama has become so fond of saying since the first Presidential Debate, do the math.

This current President's solution for every ailment affecting our great country is "more government," because more government means more power taken from the people. Not to mention the fact that the coffers are empty and it gives him an opportunity to "grow revenue," which ultimately makes all of us more dependent on said government. See the never-ending cycle being created? There's only one problem; we will soon reach a tipping point where those taking from the system will invariably outnumber those paying into the system, in other words financial collapse will take place.

At that point the government will seize private industry in the name of saving us, and we will effectively have become the former Soviet Union. Anyone remember how that experiment worked out? The time for voting for a President based solely on platitudes, or likability is a failed exercise. He was given his chance and simply could not produce. How long is it really going to be George Bush's fault? He is rather good at blaming everyone else for his failures while in office though. Let's go over the list, George Bush, the tsunami in Japan, unrest in the Middle East, Wall Street, the 1 percent, the House of Representatives, volcanos, etc., etc., etc. Can anyone remember when this President ever accepted responsibility for anything? He's even publicly stated the "buck stops with you" meaning "us." Which as you know is vastly different from the original connotation of the saying. I'm all for personal responsibility, I think it would bring this great country back to its roots and we would all thrive once again. Yet this President does not hold the same meaning for the term personal responsibility. What he means is that we all need to pay more to the government. This President believes in dictates, which for all intents and purposes effectively removes personal responsibility from the individual.

The time has come to cast your vote. Make no excuses, just get out and vote. This may be the last opportunity we as Americans have to stop this train of Socialism from pulling into the proverbial station. Vote Mitt Romney. No, he is not perfect, and I suspect he never will be, but he will not erode your liberties, empty your pocket, tell you what to eat, etc., etc., etc. I suppose his best quality is the fact he is not President Obama. That alone is reason enough to cast your vote for him, for it will stop the Socialistic transformation of America. This, when one gets down to brass tacks, is what this election is all about. Do it for yourself, do it for our great country, and most of all do it for your children. So that one day they may realize the American dream of success through dedication and hard work. Save them from the fate of succeeding through hard work, only to have the government take what they have rightfully earned. Government should and can guarantee equal opportunity, but they should in no way be in the business of guaranteeing equal outcomes. For at that point the individual is sapped of all incentive to succeed and the ideas which have made this country the greatest to ever grace this planet will cease to spring forth. It is time to take our country back.

James Angiulo Jr

Cape Coral



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