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Everyone should pay something

October 20, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

After giving it a bit of thought it gives me fits and conniptions to find so many people upset with Mitt Romney pointing out that near half the populous of our nation pay no income taxes and to large an extent survive on the dole.

What's wrong with the truth being said? For sure all too many of us have conditioned ourselves to live on the teat of public welfare, and will never get off it till it's torn from our mouths.

For all of us who live in this wonderful country of ours there should be no zeros if the federal income tax system continues to exist. No zeros means everyone pays regardless of status even if the deduction, or stipend has to be taken from a welfare check.

We all live here and if to derive any benefit, must contribute to the tax pot.

To rob the rich to pay to the poor is an alien philosophy and most certainly un-American. Let's put that baby to sleep and get on with the doing of what's right for our nation in all of our affairs.

We will not survive 16 trillion dollars of debt. One or other of us must certainly go down the drain. Let it not be we.

God save this wonderful country of ours.

Joseph Curran

Cape Coral



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