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Strings attached

October 6, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

You cannot represent your constituents if the strings that provided your campaign financing are choking your ability to think for yourself and do the right thing for our country.

So is the case of the Grover Norquist contract which says you will sign a pledge not to raise taxes or we will withhold contributions to your future re-election, financially back your Republican opponent and personally destroy your credibility.

Does this mean each and every Republican signee owes Mr. Charley (Norquist) their heart, soul and other parts of your body, the answer is yes. Norquist under the mantra of Americans for Tax Reform owns 95 percent of Republican Congress and all he has to do is tug a little on the string and they dance for him.

Funding sources for the American Tax Reform groups (ATR) are protected but it is believed funding comes from wealthy individuals and big corporations. Grover must be a very busy fella fielding daily calls from all those Republican signees wanting to know how Grover wants them to vote on a bill. My personal choice is to not consider voting for any candidate who has signed the pledge with Norquist or talks about doing away with regulations that protect the American consumer. I hope you will do the same for this coming election for the sake of our country.

George Hopgood

Cape Coral



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