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Yes, TV has gone too far

October 6, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In response to Joseph Curran's expression of pain, frustration and grief, I have to reason that he and I are part of a minority. (August 18th "Television has gone too far").

Because television is, and has always been, driven by profit it is a reflection of the "Average American."

Thousands of millions of dollars and countless hours have been spent figuring out what motivates the majority of people to tune in habitually.

After 70 years of research we are watching what they have come up with.

Unfortunately their research proves that our subconscious minds still think we are primitive people. Still driven by primitive instincts that require us to be ever vigilant to sex, violence, food, shelter and power (ref. chimpanzees).

They have also found out about an old fact that political propaganda and religion are supreme tools for manipulating the masses.

When the minority is in power it is called a dictatorship or monarchy and history has proven that they don't work well for the majority. In fact that's how revolutions are conceived.

So, we have to accept the bad with the good and use the mute button and do a lot of channel surfing. Or go out for a bicycle ride to the beach.

We are what we do.

Civilization is not as smart or civilized as the propaganda says it is. It's a facade.

We are still predators and prey attempting to survive the jungle and pass on our genes.

The cycles of life are the true reality.

Ultimately the majority of children will be most influenced by their parents and teachers, as it has always been.

Yes, television is a semi-wasted resource. Thank God for newspapers.

No Joseph, you are not alone.

Fred Vass

Cape Cora



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