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No more taxes

September 29, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Have you heard the latest rumors in Cape Coral? That the new city manager allegedly wants to hire an assistant manager? That he's looking to hire 22 people? That he's allegedly talking about spending $400,000 on a consulting firm to study possible cuts and cutting more fat from the budget? Hello??

Did you read that he has a 227-item list of expenditures, including $940,000 for two fire engines, $330,000 to replace aging AC chillers at City Hall, plus $284,000 for repairs and improvements to Sun Splash?? Enough expenditures?? Hello? You think??

Oh no!! He allegedly also published a list of capital projects, for next year, about $14 million dollars worth, to be funded through additional taxes and fees, say what? Additional taxes?? HELLO?? The list also mentions something about another $104 million to be shelled out. What gives?? More money out of our pockets!!

Aren't you glad you're rich and live in Cape Coral?? That you can support all these expenditures? Hello?!

Since Cape Coral is such an affluent and rapid growing community, where everyone wants to live. I suggest the city manager should not only hire an assistant manager, but also an assistant to the assistant, and then a deputy. You think?? Hello?! The business manager should also have an assistant!! How about the city spokesperson?? Hello? What would happen if one of them were sick? God forbid! What a catastrophe that would be. Hello!!

A city the size of Cape Coral, and only being in debt by about $1 billion, should be able to handle the above - mentioned expenditures. You think? Perhaps, instead of looking to spend our hard-earned money, the city manager and city council should make it their No. 1 priority to cut expenses! Agree? Hello?! NO MORE TAXES!!!!

Erick Kuehn

Cape Coral



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