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Don’t be fooled

September 22, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Obama wants to distribute the wealth. David Rockefeller said the same thing when he wanted a one world government to balance the economy throughout the world. They both want a one world socialist government or worse. Wake up America and fight to keep our America the way it is meant to be.

These riots in the Muslim countries is because they hate America and want to do anything to upset Americans so that we cannot relax in our great country. They will say anything to accuse America of doing wrong to them.

We should close our embassies and tell the Americans to leave the country for their own safety. We should stop all imports and exports to these Muslim countries since they have shown their hatred toward America.

We can't afford to continue to look like stupid Americans. Our leaders accept anything the Muslims want to dish out to Americans.

I pray that God will raise his hand against those who want to hurt America and the American people.

God Bless America

Jennie Pace

Cape Coral



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