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Previous council actions speak louder than words

September 15, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Re: Letter to the editor, Bill Deile, Watch for New Taxes

This is being directed to Mr. Deile and his chosen cohorts, who are backing an inexperienced radio announcer to be our State Representative in Congress at the national level. This action makes me even more concerned than when he was one of our councilmen.

The new tax situation was created by you and your other cohorts, "The Fab Five." For four years, when you and your good ole buddies were in control of the Council, all we citizens got to see was profligate "grandstanding," an unqualified person being appointed as city manager (no public sector qualifications) - who took the opportunity to not only get rid of 16 very highly trained and knowledgeable personal but, also, wasted more than $200,000-plus in hiring two unqualified consultants.

This same said CM also issued "gag orders" to all workers to "keep your mouths shut."

All I could ever see was the "Fab Five" trying to run the city on the city workers' backs. Then the light bulb lit up! The Fab Five and their supporters were trying to bankrupt our city for their own private reason - to break the unions!

No forward movement, wasting monies, investigation contracts that had already been investigated by two different sources and nothing found to be wrong, but no, you and your cohorts had to hire the same guy that said his job was complete and was paid but didn't have the nerve to face the citizens and left without reporting his findings, no capital improvements allocated. Investigations for wrong doings and looking for ghosts. Calling the city workers "thieves."

Citizens were castigated when they came before council to volunteer for boards and those that stood up and protested some of your decisions were made brunts for your petty meanness and then you labeled some of them. Some of us were considered malcontents and that wasn't bad enough; you had to go a step further and state that we were "terrorists."

Now, with your article you are pointing fingers for profligate spending and increasing taxes.

I'm asking you to recall what your CM and the Financial Department told you and your other Fab Five regarding leaving the roll back rate etc., and that way the budget would be balanced and the following year would be OK, too. But you all had to play your political game (I said I wouldn't raise taxes!) Well, you all are the ones who created the blooming mess this city is in! Even I know, when the income for the city falls then the taxes must go up, after all you are the ones who wanted to remain a bedroom community. The taxpayers must pay with their taxes.

Cutting safety services never works - and the way our Fab Five cut it to the bone was an unforgivable and selfish act. "Egoism" has no place up on the Council dais, nor does politicking. You all knew that the following Council would have to raise the monies that were wasted the years before when you all kicked the can down the road. You all did nothing for the four years that you were in office. Admit it!

This Council has done the city a great service by investing their time and effort in purchasing the 7 Islands and other parcels of land for road expansion, water retention, and other future capital projects or diversity - thus more taxes. There wasn't any raiding done.

Next, to my knowledge, we have always had an assistant city manager. Your group and CM dismissed one and hired on two "consultants" for more money. I have yet to check into your $500,000-plus consulting service claims for the budget. Be assured that I will check this figure out.

On to the high water bills. If memory serves me, I believe that the Fab Five were responsible for the large "Water Bill" - you all shut down the UEP. SW 6 & 7 could/would have been completed by now and the new users would now be ratepayers.

And you are still up to your "scare" tactics by surmising what group will be paying more or less on billings. First of all, these are suggestions that make sense, it also will be a way that will have everybody paying, not just a few. As far as I know, these all have to be discussed and by suggesting otherwise, you are up to your old tricks of implying actions before the fact and spreading mistrust and discontent.

So far this Council has been open to the public, out in the "Sunshine."

Yes, voting wisely is important - ergo, how can you back a person who has no governmental background, "no volunteering on city or county boards," no county level jobs??? No college degree in this field - and to enter in at the top level??? Something smells!

Frankly, I for one, don't trust or respect you or anything you write. Your long dissertation, as usual, was a rehash of your first rant with a few more items thrown in. You really should find something productive to spend your time on.

Betty Dill

Concerned Citizen

Cape Coral



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