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Support local veterans, watch where donations go

September 15, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

This past Monday, I presented to council, a proposal for an ordinance to address the issue of Veterans Organizations collecting donations here in the Cape. The properties this would apply to, would be all city-owned properties - i.e. roads, parks, parking lots and whatever other properties the city owns. We need this in order to keep the money here in the Cape for the veterans here in the Cape.

The reasoning behind an ordinance is an enforcement issue. Code enforcement would not be able to enforce a code concerning this issue, as they have all they can do with present codes.

Although I did not say everything I wanted last Monday, I will go before council again if need be to bring this up again. In the meantime, I will email my suggestions to the Mayor, who stated he would work with the City Attorney on this ordinance.

I would suggest to the residents of the Cape:

Question any organization collecting donation for veterans. Are they from the city? Who are they and are they chartered by Congress? Does the donations stay here in the Cape?

If the answer is no to these simple questions, I urge you to pass them by. One organization has already been banned by Walmart from soliciting donations at their stores.

Bruce R. Miller

Cape Coral



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