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Two who care

September 15, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As a young man, sitting in history class, I listened intently as a visiting substitute teacher, who was, an recent emigre from Argentina instructed that it was the right and indeed incumbent upon every individual of any society, free or not, to address and petition any wrong doing which he perceived his government to be involved in or promoting. Having come from Juan Domingo Perons Argentina his words and life story were especially interesting. In today's America in which government has become so intrusive and free wheeling in the affairs of their citizen employers, this tenet has become especially significant and necessary.

However, if there is to be outspoken criticism and condemnation of impropriety, incompetence and wrong doing, when it is apparent, to be fair there must also be outspoken commendation of propriety, competence and well doing, when it is also apparent. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast to be quick to condemn but slow, if at all, to commend.

There is also unfortunately, to my mind, very little to commend in this group of people who now assist the mayor and city manager in governing the Cape. However, in every dark period, there is oft times a single ray of sunshine which , for a time, restores our faith in human nature.

Thank God that he has blessed this community with a business concern such as Fuccillo of Cape Coral. This operation, guided by a true humanitarian gentlemen, Billy Fuccillo, has done more then any other concern to place the City of Cape Coral on the proverbial map of cities.

His business acumen has only been exceeded by his generosity and magnanimity to the people of the Cape and surrounding area and his presence is a greatly appreciated breath of fresh air.

However, this offering is not only to commend him but another gentleman who, by his actions, have indeed restored my faith in human nature, at least where it involves the self serving politician.

Recently Fuccillo Kia, in one of its many altruistic endeavors, offered a drawing for 10 people who had purchased an automobile from the dealership, whereby they would have the opportunity to win a complete release of their car payments or an opportunity to win 5,000 dollars.

Well, most of the Cape's governing body were there, for one reason or another, which included councilman Chris Chulakes-Leetz. Councilman Leetz was mistakenly taken for just another spectator and informed that he, also, should fill out one of the prize slips and place it into the drawing container, which he did, adding the name for Special Populations.

After nine people had reached into the container and come up empty, the councilman reached in and found himself to be the winner of $5,000 dollars.

The councilman, greatly surprised, stated to Mr. Fuccillo that it felt uncomfortable to accept such a sum, off the backs of his constituency, so to speak and if Mr. Fuccillo would not mind he would like to donate the amount to the Special Populations charity. Mr. Fuccillo, acknowledging the error, that the councilman was not eligible for the drawing he, nevertheless, greatly impressed with Councilman Leetz' honesty and humility decided to double the amount and donate, altogether, $10,000 dollars to the charity.

Mr. Leetz, unlike many of the other council people, was never in his life a public sector recipient of the people's largess and is, unlike those, not a rich man. Therefore, I am certain, that he could have found crucial ways to put that amount to good use. However, I personally believe, that not wishing to even give the appearance of a parasitical propensity, as would undoubtedly be displayed by others in his group, he gave up the sum to a very worthy cause.

I am informed by others who were on the scene, including a dignitary from another Florida city, those attending were so greatly impressed with Councilman Leetz' character that they place him in an altogether different level then his associates on the council perch.

I don't believe that the people of Cape Coral have any idea how fortunate they are to at least have two commendable and considerate public servants on the council, Mr. Leetz being one, Mayor Sullivan, the other. However, I do believe that if and when, God forbid, they decide to move, on, the people of the Cape will arrive at a greater understanding of King Louis the XV pronouncement "Apres moi Le deluge."

N. Tomacelli

Cape Coral



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