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At it again

September 8, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

On Aug. 11, Mr. Charles Krauthammer was at it again with his limited knowledge and narrow views which seem to come from a television station which selectively picks out parts of statements and reports them as fact. He uses their terms in referring to this as the worst recovery in U.S. history. That is only because we have only once before been this far down and that was during the depression which was cause by the policies of another Republican, Herbert Hoover. But he forgets to mention that part. He refers to 8-plus percent unemployment, but has he for forgotten that unemployment in Lee County was at 13.5 percent three years ago. That's a 5 percent improvement. Oh, they didn't mention that on television either. It's Not Just About Medicare

The proposal to grant states a block grant for coverage of Medicaid would be a catastrophy. States such as Florida already are cutting Medicaid coverage and refuse to participate in the Medicaid expansion proposed under the PPACA. I would would refer you to the opinion of Laura Brennman, Aug. 1, in another newspaper. This expansion would cost the state an increase of less than 2 percent through 2019. Perhaps if the state used the the tools available under the PPACA, as done in Massachussetts the increase would be less. This is not a budgetary decision, but a decision based on political bias. This will result in an increase in death and suffering of those least able to oppose this inhumane stance.

We must also remember that seniors who do not have long-term care or whose benefits run out must rely on Medicaid coverage to cover nursing home care. It is really frightening to think of what will happen to nursing home costs and care if we in this state, continue this trend and adopt Paul Ryan's plan. We will return to the days of warehousing our seniors until they just pass away. I ask, are you ready for what we had prior to Medicare and Medicaid (1965)? The decrease in state acceptence and facility acceptance of Medicaid will cause a backlog in hospital discharge.

This state's government must change. This is not exceptable. Block grants will only cause more death and suffering of our disadvantaged seniors.

Lewis Robinson, M.D.

Cape Coral



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