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Another view

September 8, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In response to Leave working people alone, a letter to the editor, Sept 1:

Ms. Schneider feels that Cape Coral is in her words "by far the most unsightly place" that she has lived. I'm sorry, but changing the codes to allow more lenient parking of commercial vehicles is not the answer to improving how the city looks. On the other hand, more restrictions on commercial vehicles and just how many can be parked at a residence would.

As to "paying more for assessments than any city in the whole U.S. of A." I'm sure she researched iton the other hand it should have been no surprisewhen I moved to Cape Coral in 2004 I could have had a lot more home in the northwest Cape for what I paid for in a home in the southeast Cape that had the utilities in and the assessments paid. Point is that I knew that had I bought a home without city water and sewer that it would catch up with me at some point.

From my point of view, help on the water bills will not come until every home in the city is hooked up to city water and sewer.

Yes, the city could do a better job in code enforcement and maintaining medians. Code Enforcement, given the limited resources, is doing a good job, but a little help from the citizens in maintaining their property would help as well. Perhaps a call to the Citizen's Action Center can get that lawn that is as high as the fence, median or vacant lot mowed.

Bruce Marvin

Cape Coral



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