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Ray Judah, a good man but responsiveness does matter

August 25, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Commissioner Ray Judah served the citizens of Lee County for 24 exciting years. Through good times and periods that were trying and extremely difficult, the Commissioner helped to navigate the fortunes of the county and performed with dignity and grace.

Mr. Judah always struck me as being a knowledgeable and committed public servant and his many contributions to the growth and welfare of Lee County will be acclaimed for years to come. He was creative, aggressive, and enjoyed a reputation that was never tarnished by even the slightest hint of wickedness. Oh, there were disagreements and, as is the case with people serving in the public arena, both friends and enemies were the result.

Always though there was respect and admiration for Mr. Judah's integrity and his ability to respect constituents and be responsive to the will of the majority.

So what happened, why the resounding defeat, why was Ray Judah fired?

Some say it was the attacks by the super PACs.

I don't think so.

I believe that Judah lost this election first because his opponent listened to the people and promised to do what the majority was calling for. And next because he lost sight of the fact that his job was to be responsive to the citizens that employed him. That's not to say that he needed to change and agree with every position that he opposed; it is to insist that when I wrote to him.explaining that it was important to hear from him, prior to the election, about an issue that was disturbing to more than 8,000 people on our email chain, it was not intelligent to ignore the request.

The commissioner was told that his response would, in the interest of fairness, be sent to every person in the chain and if there was no response that would require a recommendation against his candidacy. He did not respond. It was suggested to vote for his opponent. And he lost. (Same letter to Mr. Bigelow, he did not respond, he lost our support as well, and he was defeated, too.)

The lesson here is simple, those that work in the public arena must serve responsively. We might have opinion differences but there is no excuse for ignoring your employers and, when you do, there will be consequences, which will surface again in November!

Good luck, Mr. Judah, thank you for your service, and God Bless.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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