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Seek out huge reds in hiding

August 25, 2012
By Capt. GEORGE TUNISON ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Even with the afternoon storms, inshore fishing continues to be hot if you like casting to the bulldozer of the flats - Mr. Redfish.

This heat tolerant fish gets hungrier as the weeks go by. Don't be surprised if your next cast nets a two-pound rat or puts you in the 10- or even 20-pound club.

There are some really big reds roaming solo from way north of Burnt Store Marina south to Punta Rassa, all in very shallow water. Search bars and points with top waters, plastics and spoons. Think shallow swimming and snag free when picking lures. Fishing around oyster beds and bars is far from snag free. Big fly rod popping bugs draw big strikes along these bars.

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Capt. George Tunison

On the higher tide and sun phases the angler that does well with a shorter rod and good skip casting abilities will score on those siesta reds chilling way back under the greenery and docks. Generally these fish aren't coming out to play at this time of day.

If you have a tee top or big hat, stake out and throw live or dead baits under the shrubs which could cause these reluctant reds to abandon their way-back-and-under hideouts and follow their noses to your offerings.

Offshore and nearshore reefs are producing a variety of fish. Don't tempt lightning and plan accordingly.

Please be safe this coming week. If it gets bad and your boat is on a trailer try letting most of the air out of the tires and add weight. During Hurricane Charley I had two boats strapped to trailers, no air in the tires, partially filled with water, and quite a few concrete blocks in each one.

I drove long stakes in the ground and roped both boats in a three-point anchoring system. The next day at 1:30 I peered from a crack between storm shutters and saw both boats break free and slip and slide over and around the five empty lots next to my place as if guided by several unseen giant hands. One came close to visiting the neighbor 75 yards away then changed plans and headed back home while the other 23-footer spun and skated across the field changing direction by yet another more powerful gust.

This went on for over an hour while I stood petrified peering through the crack at that point fully accepting that at any moment I will surly be in another zip code.

The next day the five lots looked like a dirt bike race had taken place as the field was nothing but ruts veering crazily in every direction. The tireless flats boat now nestled under the bay boat within inches of touching each other. Neither turned over or was damaged or taken off its trailer.

My advice? I thought my boats wouldn't budge, I even bragged about it. I have no advice. I now know better.

A brief heads-up for all citizens, anglers, outdoors types, boaters, hunters and private gun owners that responsibly protect their homes and families. In case you aren't aware President Obama and Hillary Clinton have been working closely with the UN to get the UN Small Arms Treaty implemented here in the USA, which eventually could lead to all Americans losing their gun ownership rights. Stated or unstated, that seems to be their final goal.

Even more frightening is the thought of having UN "law" now, supersede our very own laws, Congress and constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans. Scary stuff.

A big, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the City of Cape Coral, for the improvements done to the Midpoint boat ramp. This project was badly needed as the severe angle and ongoing algae problems often made for some X-treme trailering adventures as you smoked the tires in "drive" slipping slowly backwards, horrified, with a death grip on the wheel. Great Job!

Capt. George Tunison is a Cape Coral resident fishing guide. Contact him at 239-282-9434 or, or www.flyingfinssportfishing,com.



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