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Television has gone too far

August 18, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

It is sad to say that the TV media which possesses the power to truly inform and educate our entire populous, and particularly our young is wielded in a manner which produces in the main a lot of filth and garbage with little that is truly constructive.

The hype of mediocrity and tastelessness in our language, dress and music is over whelming. We promote the inferior and down grade the superior. We supposedly frown at violence, yet promote it heavily in all our programming.

"The bomb is on the way more after this commercial." Ridiculous? Is that so? Don't you realize just how far we have come just to promote a product? The promotion of products of all sort has become the main purpose of the existence of this oh-so-important commodity we call "television."

We did at once a time have our weather channel and public broadcasting performing commercial free, but with all the money involved in the system this has too gone by the boards.

Yes I suppose it could be said that I view the glass as being more half empty than half full, but that is my opinion and I'll stick by it.

What is yours? I'd certainly like to know and hear your opinion on this condition.

Joseph F. Curran

Cape Coral



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