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Don’t blame the mayor

August 18, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In response to the letters to the editor on Aug. 11, I give thanks to those who volunteered the venting of their spleens in denunciation of Mayor John Sullivan's actions and the circling of their wagons around one of the slick six on the city council. Their words speak volumes concerning their intent.

It appears that the usual suspects were in the lineup.

One of these suspects, who previously backed out of a previous council run, presumably to make way for his more "capable" comrade now on council, denounced the mayor with comments such as "false perception" and "complete lack of professionalism." Interesting choice of words. I believe that it is the habit of those of a certain political and ideological persuasion, to ascribe to their opponents those attributes which they themselves possess or lack thereof. It is a sort of Alinsky reverse psychology.

Another suspect waxed eloquent with a chalk board example of accusations masked within somewhat arrogant inquiries. This suspect also utilized the looking-down-the-nose ploy of attempting to instruct the mayor as to what his course of action against the supposed wrongdoers should have been, when he is obviously arriving at his conclusions and offering his recommendations from information received only from his comrade on the council and allowing his own ideological baggage to influence his fatherly protectionism towards this poor maligned "detective." I think I saw this "made in Chicago" movie before. In Chi town it is called back- room buddyism

It is apparent that Mayor Sullivan struck a nerve in his determination to ascertain if public servants were attempting to again deny their employers, the people of the City of Cape Coral, access to relevant information concerning certain aspects of the utility expansion project.

Truthfully, taking into consideration the past questionable practices of this council, such as the expensive and needless acquisition of vacant land by using the people's funds, funds specifically not allocated for such speculative real estate procurements, combined with their decision to continue with the utility expansion project to the detriment of area people endeavoring to merely survive during these tough economically depressed times, not only do I not trust their judgement I and some others, feel increasingly uncomfortable concerning their motives.

Instead of using those surplus funds to ease the burden of outrageous utility bills foisted upon citizens who have already paid through the nose for their water and sewer, they, rather cavalierly, chose to commandeer the surplus funds and buy vacant Cape Coral land. This was either a really dumb idea or a really beneficial coup for council. Time will indeed certainly tell.

Maybe the mayor has a point, maybe the mayor is the outstanding one up there truly looking out for the best interests of the hard working citizens of the Cape instead of the best interests of the procurers amongst us. He certainly doesn't need the money or the aggravation of having to contend with the groupies on the council and their supercilious attitude towards their employers. Thank God for the non personal agenda driven politician, they are truly singular today.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that since, obviously, there was an open microphone incident and some, supposedly, derogatory comments were made concerning the people's right to know, it should be made available to we the taxpayers who provide for the very sustenance of these "arrogant" public servants and employees. I again firmly believe that, as stated by one of the usual suspects "methinks thou dost indeed protest too much."

Why are these usual suspects so intent and knee jerkish to protect their comrade on council? I have always maintained that anyone, especially someone whose authority has been give him, should man up and fess up when he screws up, but then that obviously pertains to a past, more honorable, time.

Fortunately in this election cycle, both local and national, the American people are finally having their eyes opened to the true parasitical nature and intent of the so-called leftists leaning public servant. Taking into consideration the vast evidence of out-and-out lies by self-serving politicians and their cronies, any public servant, mayor or otherwise, who is characteristically pro taxpaying citizen and vigilant towards any possible wrong doing by any city employee is someone to respect and encourage, not boorishly malign.

The only thing that allows evil, who is given power, to flourish is for good, who is given power, to remain silent.

More power to you Mayor Sullivan and thanks for being a stand up guy amongst the knee padders.

S.N. Tomacelli

Cape Coral



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