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Lowering the standards

August 18, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I was quite disappointed when I read in the newspaper that City Councilman Marty McClain was in favor of allowing trucks and vans with lettering on them to be parked in the driveways in Cape Coral. Have you totally forgotten about the comprehensive land plan that was made for Cape Coral by the Rosen Brothers? This was intended to be a slightly upscale residential community. We have in place some very strict advertising laws regarding size and placement of ads. It is obvious to everyone that the only purpose of having lettering on a vehicle of any type is a way to advertise.

I am not in favor of allowing one type vehicle to do this and not allow another. But instead of allowing trucks and vans with lettering to park in driveways, why aren't you considering changing the codes back to the way they were originally which did not allow any vehicle with lettering to be parked in a driveway? There is no reason why these vehicles cannot be in a garage.

I won't name the restaurant, but there was one who had been in Cape Coral for many years and they owned an old pink Cadillac with the restaurant sign on it. It was a total eyesore and was parked in the Cape for years. All the owner had to do was keep it registered and he could park it in any driveway he owned or had permission from the owner. It did not even have to be moved every so often. Now, how do you think you would feel if this was your next door neighbor?

The beauty of this city depends on maintaining certain standards. I don't think most residents here want to lower our standard of living by changing codes just to please a few.

Mary West

Cape Coral



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