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Personal comments inappropriate

August 11, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I read the Cape Coral mayor's alleged clarification in the paper. What I found completely unacceptable was the statement, "I wonder how many innocent people went to jail based on false perception by this man." This was included in the News-Press article but not The Breeze, which may have felt as I do, it was unacceptable.

The mayor evidently lacked the courage to call Councilperson Carioscia by name, resorting to his usual innuendo name calling. I can't recall any other council member ever authoring an article in the news attacking another member of the council.

This is a result of the mayor's "false perception" of his stellar integrity being allegedly attacked. When this happens, he reacts with a personal attack. However, it isn't only confined to other council people. It was once aimed at a citizen who was using their time for citizen input from the podium, at a council meeting and on TV. The mayor will always immediately stop a citizen if they mention a councilperson by name for criticism. However, he saw no problem with calling the citizen, by name, back to the podium and tried to embarrass him and impugn his statements in public. The mayor was stopped by other council members. That person was me. His "false perception" was just that, false. His attempt to embarrass me failed and he embarrassed himself and our city.

My only embarrassment then and now, I suspect Councilperson Carioscia feels the same, although unacceptable, the mayor of Cape Coral will do that to a constituent, a councilperson and, as in the past, city employees, in a public forum.

What the mayor should do but won't do, is apologize for his complete lack of decorum and professionalism.

John Miehle

Cape Coral



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