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More Cape Coral waste

August 4, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Here we go again. Scattered around the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility are pieces of what could have been. An estimated $15 million worth of equipment, storage, crates and infrastructure sits as it has since 2007 on the property next to Ida Baker High School in Cape Coral.

Just another example of how our money is being wasted in Cape Coral. There is $15 million we paid for equipment and now they are going to auction it off. What do you think they will get for it? Two or maybe three million if they are lucky. Why didn't we just buy it at auction and get it cheap? Why is it that our city leaders cannot see tomorrow? Why do they fail to recognize that there is a limit to how much they spend? Who do you think will be paying for this wasted equipment? The current water users. Have you looked at your water bill lately? Now they want to raise our taxes! Wow, will it ever end? Is this the progress they promised when they were campaigning? Is this the cost of growth? Do we need growth? In 1962 the population of Cape Coral was only 1500. By 1990 it had grown to 74, 991 and by 2010 it was multiplied by 100 or 154,305. Now people are moving out. Still only 35 percent developed. How many people are going to move here when they see the ridiculous actions of our leaders? Why do we need to make this more "Like Northern Cities." If home was so great, why did they move to Cape Coral?

Let's consider just getting back to basics. The way old Florida was and the way it should be today. It sure cost a heck of a lot less to live here then!

Mary West

Cape Coral



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