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Ignoring flouride facts

August 1, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

By the July 25th public announcement of Citizens for Safe Water, published in the Pine Island Eagle in regard to the artificial fluoridation of our public water by the Greater Pine Island Water Association (GPIWA), it becomes public knowledge that artificial fluoridation of our water will result in an incidence of physiological harm to children as a subpopulation as supported by peer reviewed scientific data. It also becomes public knowledge that the fluoride compound that is intended to be added to our water, H2SiF6 Hydrofluorosilicic acid, is composed of a base of a toxic waste by-product material of the manufacturing process of phosphate chemical commodities industry. It also becomes public knowledge that H2SiF6 is classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a hazardous waste material that contains lead and arsenic.

With this public announcement, the GPIWA can no longer claim that they will safely fluoridate our water with a chemical compound derived of a natural source. The facts of scientific discovery establishes that fluoride only works to prevent dental caries when it is applied to the surface of the tooth enamel, and only acts to accumulate within the internal organs of the human body over time when ingested, thus causing serious detrimental health effects.

The GPIWA Board of Directors can only proceed with the fluoridation project now with full knowledge of these facts. In the past, they have based their belief that artificial water fluoridation is safe upon the endorsements of various government agencies and professional associations that rely upon government for financial support. Let it be known that each of these government agencies and professional associations have been provided with the evidence of physiological harm to specific subpopulations as a result of drinking artificially fluoridated water, and have chosen to ignore such evidence. At the end of each chapter of the 2006 National Review Council Report, Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA Standards, the NRC has published its conclusions, and has submitted recommendations as a basis for corrective action to the harmful effects of drinking artificially fluoridated water. To date, none of these conclusions have been recognized, and none of the NRC's recommendations have been acted upon by any of the government agencies that are cited by the GPIWA as the basis of their support of artificial water fluoridation.

The phosphate chemical industry produces 40,000 tons of H2SiF6 Hydrofluorosilicic acid annually as a toxic waste by-product. Each of us benefit greatly by the chemical commodities that they produce. Without this industry, we would not be able to produce petroleum, or affordable fertilizer products that are used to grow our food. We are all greatly dependent upon the chemical products that they produce, and owe them recognition for the benefits that they provide to our economy and lives. However, it is unacceptable that our debt of gratitude to this industry should extend to forcing our children and elderly to drink the waste by-product of an industrial manufacturing process to the detriment of their health. This may be acceptable to government, and to the GPIWA Board of Directors, but it is not acceptable to many members of the GPIWA membership, and Citizens for Safe Water.

As such, we will continue to oppose artificial water fluoridation, and will remain indefinitely persistent in demanding its removal should the fluoridation project be fully implemented. We appeal to all of the members of the GPIWA to browse our web site,, learn the facts, and support our efforts. We will be announcing public meetings soon.

Ronald Parker

President Citizens for Safe Water



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