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Cape Crucible

July 28, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In the Crucible, playwright Arthur Miller weaves a dark drama about hysterical individuals and zealous town leaders who accuse their neighbors of making deals with the "devil."

We seem to have our own "dark" Crucible" drama right here in the Cape. Hysterical accusations of possible "evil" behavior by city employees and calls to encourage the Florida AG to begin an inquisition here in the Cape came from "Mister Mayor" at the last Council meeting.

From day one, John Sullivan has crusaded against the evil government of the Cape. He and his Road Ahead Group have preached to us how they would clean up the city hall. First, he banished the head evildoer to the faraway beaches of the gulf shores, then made the evil lieutenants seek other domains, warned the mischievous peasants working the city fields, he would not tolerate their opinions and appointed his own King.

Hysterical accusation fell like brimstone. He went after corruption in the Storm Water exemption office, found none. He accused wicked city employees of eating steak while taxpaying paupers ate cat food, then argued for a pay raise for his secretary. He "knew" city employees were stealing city fuel by the truckload, but never proved it. He gave Sir Kessler thousands of taxpayer dollars to slay the evil MWH dragon that had ravished the city in days of old. The money is gone and the taxpayer has received nothing of substance so far.

In the last campaign cycle, when this mayor was asked if he got "mad" about citizens using his image on signs he did not approve, he chortled he does not get "mad" he gets "even." He said that from the Mayor's Office. This Cape Coral official made it clear that eventually, scores will be settled. Such drama.

Now, through his extensive secret network of loyal knaves, he has learned of a plot to banish "Mister Mayor" to the weeds of the North Cape. Sullivan announced, with great gusto, that the evil plot he discovered might even be "FELONIOUS" and his foot soldiers in the battle against the Cape devil doers might need the help of the AG's office.

John Sullivan seems to be a good man with good intentions. I do not know him personally. He does take his job seriously. He worked for a free seat on the MPO, argued against the swim pool conmen, wants a fair share of bridge tolls for the Cape.

However, on balance, his overzealous public demeanor, constant accusations of evil without really knowing the facts, his obstructionist behavior to problem solving and the turmoil he creates in city hall is simply dysfunctional. The overall atmosphere of dark drama he fosters has not been good for the Cape government.

We can hope for some miraculous insight on the part of the Mayor to stop the hysterical accusations and to end his crusade to find evil everywhere. However, personal insight does not seem to be his strong suit and he will probably endure the same fate his three friends earned at the hands of the voters in the last election.

F.C. Perry

Cape Coral



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