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Don’t lower the bar

July 28, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The talk now is to amend the present codes in Cape Coral to allow parking RVs, boats, trailers, etcetera in your driveway or anywhere on your property.

I can understand the desire some of these people, however those rules were put in place for what I think is a very good reason. It was part of the Comprehensive Land Plan that the Rosen Brothers had drawn up.

Now understand that these items can be parked on your property, but only as a temporary situation for three days. There are two purposes behind this and they are to avoid someone beginning to live in them and the other is to keep the neighborhood looking attractive.

I have a boat and trailer that looks nice, but I pay storage each month because that is and has been the rule. One person said that he felt that he had moved into a communistic country because he wasn't allowed these things. Well, that rule was in place before he moved here, and I'm sure he was aware of it. I seriously doubt that he was forced to move here and he is certainly free to leave.

There is a simple thing about rules, if you want to operate or live where they exist, you need to abide by them and realize they were put there for everyone's benefit and it is unfair to think that they should change just because that would please you.

Mary West

Cape Coral



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