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Over regulation intrudes on private property rights

July 21, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Now I learn why we have this ridicules code enforcement driving around and turning the beautiful landscape Cape Coral in a stiff and over regulated control freak nightmare: Because there are always some "idiots" that cannot live without telling others what to do. How long the grass is allowed to grow, what cars we are allowed to drive or how we are allowed to paint them if we want to park them in OUR driveway! Does this kind of neighbor have to be satisfied so that I can park MY car, MY boat, MY RV etc. in MY driveway?

I'm allowed and forced to pay bloodsucking property taxes for it, right?

How sick is a society like that? Read the article of Mister McN. than you probably understand why we "need" so much code enforcement and why nice water restaurants are not allowed to have open live music during the day. Because there are always some old and miserable farts that start whining about everything. Even when the birds sing too loud they would like to have more police to give them tickets? Good night City of Cape Coral if you allow so much intolerance and stiff neighborhood behavior. If you don't allow free and individual lifestyle you are not worth to be called boaters paradise.

Citizens of Cape Coral get rid of all these kind of dumb regulations (don't waste our tax money for it) and let these kind of people that whine for it all the time move to a sterile and over-regulated law-and-order area with others of their kind, where they can be happy and turn their and others live to a hell on earth with their understanding of "paradise."

Horst Frontzek

Cape Coral



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