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Super PACs, American values & the 99%

July 14, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The 2012 election is around the corner and without doubt probably the most contentious political race we have ever witnessed.

The term "Super PAC" has become media conversation causing many Americans to stand back in wonder about the direction of our country.

The Supreme Court ruling of Citizen United has created a meltdown of previous legal campaign election laws and placed into view manipulation our legal rights from gun laws to deregulation of our financial system. This movement is also trying to leverage our voting, changing laws about women's legal rights, potential voting without public knowledge, and possibly allowing international influence to govern our laws.

This movement is a fundamental catastrophic disaster to our economic growth delivering multi millions of dollars into the hands of lobbyists, Congress and other politicians so they can manipulate their own political policies for their own financial gains. Where does the American public stand? Have most American's quality of life improved over the last three decades? Are you wondering why they want all this control?

Here is a brief summary of how it all started.

The deregulation and downfall of our financial market started many decades ago through Reaganomics. The repeal in part, of The Glass-Steagall Act , the new Gram Leach Bliley Act and signed in during President Clinton years was introduced by three Republicans .This new unwarranted revision allowed Wall Street, to gamble on your home loan investments, which were kept in place since 1933, the original law protected our investments.

Following this new unfortunate change in our laws was a decade of the Bush Administration spending trillions of dollars we did not have on an unnecessary war leaving this country with huge debt . During the Bush years, we created no industrial expansion while Asia was exceeding in global financial success and Americans inherited great debt or lost everything due to the greed of Wall Street, and deregulation of The Glass-Steagall Act.

Thanks to The Dodd Frank Act we now have some reregulation over their lethal spending fiascos. President Barack Obama helped lead us out of this catastrophic financial disaster and helped rebuild our automobile industry. President Obama kept us from falling into a world-wide depression having been left with the aftermath of that great financial meltdown. Today we still need more reregulation of our financial policies including world trade agreements, new rebuilding our infrastructure and more innovative job creation.

We are now at a threshold of positive financial change.

However there is no more time for stagnation or bickering in Congress as failure to create a healthy economy only produces further lack of financial responsibility and prosperity for our country.

The pathetic truth about A.L.E.C. is ordinary citizens like you and I, your parents, and your grand-parents supported many of these conglomerates who were part of A.L.E.C. and linked into Citizens United which is quietly altering our American values and policies as they only see it. In the last couple of years some of these corporations have left A.L.E.C. and more are still dropping out because of pressure from outraged Americans.

Walmart, Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds, Wendy's and Kraft are just a list of a few who dropped out.

Don't you buy products from these companies?

Doesn't this make you feel a little betrayed?

Citizens United is not Americans United.

This Supreme Court ruling is another unfortunate step backward for our country. We need to reconsider and repeal this ruling.

As Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders states "corporations are NOT people" corporations are not THE PEOPLE and Senator Sanders you are right.

Have we lost our way by creating a Divided and not United States of America?

I am not the 1 percent? Are you? Would anyone like some coffee?

No tea thank you.

Deborah Green

Cape Cora



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