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Beware upcoming storage war

July 14, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

There are many positive things that can be said about our Cape Coral City. Unfortunately the negative folks holler the loudest and receive most of the community exposure. We have a wonderful park system for young and old, our charter schools are excellent giving our citizens a choice from public government schools and with our 400 miles of cancels make Cape Coral a most unique place to live. We should be proud of our city.

We are truly unique with our pre-plotted city of generally 80x125 foot lots. These small lots give little room for storage. Unlike the northern cities there are no basements, thus our garage space often is filled, making no room for boats, campers and vehicles which generally would go into the garage.

What are we doing with our commercial trucks, boats and boat trailers? Code enforcement, which I support,has a terrible time keeping up the violators who have no respect for the rules. In my neighborhood we have two homes with over 20 violations each and refuse to conform or even be a good a neighbor. Drive around the city and look at the lack of respect for this issue, how anyone can think it looks respectful the way it is now. It is out of control and I suggest we encourage city council to get tough on code violators and increase fines for continued violators. It really is simple, no commercial trucks, no boats, trailers or campers are allowed on the driveway.

Beware, now is coming a group of citizens going to council to reduce the rules and allow commercial vehicles, boats and trailers to be allowed some leeway. Once you start this; if you can't control it now how would any reduced changes improve the looks of our neighborhood? This is an old issue; it resurfaces usually when there is a new council. I understand the issue but we don't need to relax the rules ,we need to tighten them up.

This reform group will be going in force to sell their effort to council for relaxing the rules. God help us, we need to get tougher.

Be sure your council member understands your concerns and don't allow this to happen. Let's all be happy and positive and be a good citizen in your community. One way to do this is to support your code enforcement. Get tough and be proud.

Tom McNulty

Cape Coral



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