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Restrictive ordinances must be repealed

July 14, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Funny, when I drove into this city back in 1990 I didn't recall seeing any signs warning me that Cape Coral is a deed restricted city. I tell ya, this is the first gated community without gates I've ever lived in. (drum roll symbol crash) Oh, and thanks for sending the welcoming committee (code enforcement) over to say "Hi!" and move my boat/RV now or go to detention.

But in all seriousness folks, this fine city was founded long ago to be a retirement city and has morphed over the years into a working man's city. The crime rate is low here, the weather sunny and beautiful, the people are friendly but businesses, where are all the new businesses? Not here, why?

Cape Coral is not business friendly. Between all the regulations and ordinances why would a business want to move here? If the company has trucks or vans they can't advertise on them unless they pay big bucks to store them somewhere. Trucks and vans are not allowed to have advertising while being parked in the employees' driveways.

And speaking of those ordinances, what's up with the fact that the "boaters paradise" doesn't allow you to have a boat in your driveway? Isn't that a oxymoron? Kind of like jumbo shrimp? And RVs, you can have one, just don't park it in your driveway without getting a permission slip from the principle. And God forbid you should happen to own a cargo trailer, golf cart or ATV!! Those better never come out of your garage and if your garage isn't big enough to hold a boat/RV/work truck and ATV then you better build a massive monster garage with your underemployed salary!

Bottom line people, Cape Coral is not a retirement community. Median age is 41.3 and dropping.

Why is it that I hear so many people complaining that they didn't know about these ordinances before they moved here? Well here's your answer and some of you may not like, it's the Realtors. They don't want to lose the sale so they conveniently don't mention the fact that our great city wants your money for taxes, just don't bring your adult toys with you or bring home your work truck. But if you have a work car or SUV with advertising the Cape says that's OK. Why? Realtors. Have you ever wondered why so many foreclosures aren't forced to be cleaned up by the bank? My guess? Realtors.

Running for public office and you want to make sure you win? I'll give you one guess who you BETTER have on your side, yep, Realtors.

Did you see those fireworks in downtown Cape? They were beautiful but who the heck paid all that money when our city is broke, oh that's right, the Realtors. Have you started to get what I'm saying? Between the Realtors running our city and the residents being overburdened with restrictive ordinances from the 70s we are not being allowed to live the life we were falsely sold by you guessed it..Realtors.

Join us July 23 at 4:30 p.m. at Cape Coral council chambers where your fellow neighbors will all be standing up to change ordinance 3.12. Let's help our council catch up with the times and bring our ordinances in line with today's population. If you love your boat/RV or work truck I look forward to seeing you there.

Paul E. Barnes

SW Cape Coral resident for 22 years



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