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Politics vs. People

July 7, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Rick Scott is a Medicaid defrauder elected as governor two years ago and is actively working on disenfranchising as many Floridian voters as possible. Why is he so unpopular? Perhaps because he's the type of governor who tosses his constituents' health out the window for ideologically's sake? Florida governor Rick Scott is the first governor of a total of seven to officially turn down the additional Medicaid funds made available through Obamacare. The cost would be paid entirely by the federal government for three years, then the cost to Florida would only be 10 percent. The government paying the difference. As a private-sector businessman, something to steal from. As a public "servant," something to play political games with.

Scott's administration has turned away grants applied for under Gov. Charlie Crist, such as $2 million for Medicare outreach, $500,000 for an elder affairs counseling and assistance program, $1 million to help consumers monitor health care premiums in the state and $1 million to plan a health care exchange, according to the Governor's Office. Then he turned away larger sums, such as the first installment of more than $30 million to help keep disabled seniors out of nursing homes. This money was not saved, it was just spent on another state.

Gov. Rick Scott rejected plans for a high-speed link between Tampa and Orlando, in the process turning down more than $2 billion in federal money in February of 2011. The 85-mile Tampa-to-Orlando segment, on which trains would travel as fast as 170 miles per hour, was to be the showpiece of that initiative. The fast-moving train would contrast with slow-moving traffic along Interstate 4. This money wasn't saved either, another state just said, "We'll take it!" So Florida does without!

Can we tolerate the rest of his term while he places politics over the people of Florida he was elected to represent?

Mary West

Cape Coral



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