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Lies are not free speech

July 7, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As a veteran, I am appalled at the Supreme Court's decision. Lying about one's military service and the medals and decorations that were received is totally wrong. I don't see where that should be protected under the First Amendment of our Constitution. I served honorably and can't understand the thinking of the Supreme Court. Any medals I received are now worth nothing if others can claim they were awarded the same that I earned.

Stolen Valor was not about free speech. It is about protecting the honor of those who served and were awarded these medals and citations. This is not only about the Medal of Honor. I have known others who made claims of military service and medals and awards they said they received. They were found out to be liars.

Medals I received are no longer a sign of honor and military service. I might as well throw them at the Supreme Court justices who have made them meaningless today.

Bruce Miller

Vietnam Veteran

Cape Coral



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