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Thankful for needed repairs at boat ramp

June 23, 2012
By Capt. George Tunison , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

For those that aren't aware, the boat ramp at Everest is closed for repair. This dangerous ramp has claimed many vehicles as they backed off the edge or slid backwards on the grease slick algae coating at the end of the ramp which was built at a ridiculously steep angle and should have never been approved for use. Looks like finally something is being done and I thank whatever agency approved the project. Haven't heard how long the repair will take and probably don't want to know.

To fish the river and to meet my clients, I'm now being forced to launch at the Yacht Club. If the wind is blowing from the west it's a nightmare and guaranteed to cause high anxiety while launching or retrieving a boat. At times this ramp can be downright dangerous especially for inexperienced boaters or seniors. If you are launching solo at this location and the winds are up, it's not a great idea but a good way to add some dock battle scars to your expensive investment or some medical bills to your policy.

If you are inexperienced at backing up your boat trailer - in car traffic AND at crazy angles - your skills will certainly be tested at this ramp. Again this week I had tourists walk between my truck and boat trailer while backing up! The one text zombie walked right into the trailer tongue while texting or tweeting or twixting or whatever nonsense these young lost souls do on a seemingly full-time basis. What if I had hit him? Lawsuit? Of course.

While your boat is beating itself to death at the dock, the near 1/4 mile walk back from the trailer parking lot adds to the fun on a sweltering July day.

Obviously, besides the dire need for more safely designed and boater practical ramps in this city of boaters, a simple breakwater or stone jetty extending from the shore on both sides of the Yacht Club ramp would greatly alleviate dangerous launching conditions during breezy days. If not on both sides, then at least on the west side of the ramp. The other problems like pedestrians (children) walking through an active boat ramp are possible ticking time bombs for this city. Good luck.

OK, so haul a bunch of stone down there and get it done, should take about 5 days to prep the site and finish. About 35 yards long, bring in a crane set the stone, done.

Oh no, that would make sense and be practical and really help. No, I would guess first we would have to form a committee to elect a committee to consult about hiring consultants, flow engineers and then impact studies for at least three years at $400 an hour. Then present these findings in 2015 to FWC, state, Feds, EPA, and 422 other permitting agencies while enduring mass hysteria and protest from some organizations and the manatee snail darter zealots because everyone knows that docks and rocks kill wildlife (?) What's the latest, oh yes; docks kill sawfish (?) We must study that! I'm pretty sure that's taught in school now isn't it? God save us from the inmates and politicians!

Environmental extremism gone wild. At the present rate of holding the country hostage with extremists using the courts to hamstring new ramps and facilities, a bloated out of control EPA and the thousands of anti-fishing/hunting zealots working behind the scenes both in and outside our government to get you off the water and strip you of your Second Amendment rights, unless the uninvolved public starts pushing back, our outdoor and firearm rights we all take for granted will eventually be gone. Count on it.

Raining? Go over to the Fort Myers Gun Show and finally get that CW permit that you've been putting off getting. Get it while you still can!

Capt. George Tunison is a Cape Coral resident fishing guide. Contact him at 239-282-9434 or, or www.flyingfinssportfishing,com.



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