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‘Sunset’ of Charter Review Commission a disgrace

June 16, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

The mis-information that is flowing from the dais is incredible. Based on what they heard from some citizens at citizens input about the Charter Review Commission, they then promptly disbanded the Commission. Councilmember Rana Erbrick made the motion and it was seconded by Councilmember Marty McClain. Rana Erbrick's motion based on Citizens Input was rather sad because she had just stated that it was her policy not to respond to citizens input and the questions that were asked! Isn't that what Citizens Input is all about, for citizens to question their elected officials on issues concerning the city?

The statements made at Citizens Input were NOT factual and certainly not backed up by any evidence.

The comments by CM McGrail were simply off the wall and had no basis in truth or fact! He even stated that the prior Council appointed the Commission for six years, another blatant lie by CM McGrail! Oh I forgot to mention he was on the prior Council! CM McGrail also stated that none of the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission were approved by the voters! That is blatantly untrue. He should check Article 3.01 which I brought forward and was approved by the voters as an amendment to our City Charter. This is becoming SOP for CM McGrail of late and needs to stop. CM McGrail's statement on the 652-acre land purchase by the City is another example of his pontificating without using any facts. He claimed we will need the property bordering Burnt Store Road for retention areas and swales when Burnt Store Road is widened! Last I looked Burnt Store Road was a county road and any expense associated with the widening of it would be a county problem and not a city problem! This council spent over $13 million and the best he can come up with is fairy tales on why they needed to spend that amount of money! CM McGrail should try speaking the truth and facts instead of all the mis-information he is spreading!

As stated by Mayor Sullivan and Councilmember Leetz they should at the very least have listened to the tape of the Charter Review Commission meeting before making their uninformed statements and incredibly uninformed votes!

It is abundantly clear that the slick six as members of this council are not doing their due diligence before making statements from the dais and then proceeding to vote on all the mis-information spewed from the podium and the dais!

They talk of agendas and it is only slick six on Council that has an agenda! Their talk of attempts of bypassing the Council was absurd! All they did was act on rumor from uninformed and misguided residents who appear to have an agenda of their own!

The slick six have struck again! Their actions are shameful and a disgrace to the office!


Lynn Rosko

Proud former member

Charter Review Commission



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