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Gendercide an American disgrace

June 8, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

At a Planned Parenthood facility, in Texas, a 5 month pregnant woman asked to abort her fetus if it was a girl. The counselor ordered a sonogram, the sex was confirmed.and because it was a girl the baby was destroyed.

An investigation revealed that "sex-selective" abortions, even in late stage pregnancies, are suggested with regularity at the Planned Parenthood locations all across America.

Just another sickening gift from our Chinese benefactors. They've given us cheap toys, the disgusting Chinese dry-wall and now, because of our overwhelming debt, they have been able to hijack our morality and replace it with an immoral life-style model that reeks with absolute shame.

In China it is encouraged to kill the fetus if it is determined to be a female. Girls are considered inferior and are recklessly murdered in the womb in order to control the population and satisfy a woman's desire.

It's an atrocity of inhuman proportions and now to make it worse, the gender-based abortion is being accepted by Planned Parenthood here in America.

The procedure has not been condemned by either President Obama or the Congress of the United States.

And, as a matter of fact, our illustrious law-makers refused to institute a ban on this continuing shame.

Those in Congress, along with President Obama, by accepting the Chinese model of immorality, and not discontinuing taxpayer monies for Planned Parenthood, stand responsible for the promotion of murder and should be ashamed of themselves.

First it was indiscriminate killing, now it's gender based murder, and, no doubt, next it will be homicide by race, creed, and color. Then, it will follow to eliminate the elderly, and the infirm, the disadvantaged and the wounded war heroes. The disgrace will continue to build and America will be ruined.

It's long past the time when we need to stand up, show some old fashioned American character, and say "no more, we've had it, no more innocent victim murders!"

The choice is either barbarism or humanity, there's simply nothing in between, and if we don't demonstrate the guts to speak up for humanity, we're, by our silence, advocating barbarism, and we're no better than those slayers wielding their homicidal knives.

We need to be courageous, we need to hold pinhead politicians feet to the fire, and we must put an end to this growing immoral epidemic.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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