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Monkey business

May 26, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

As the great debate continues, about our heritage, it seems that the forces, on both sides, are unrelenting in their convictions.

On the one side we believe that our God, the creator, made a man and a woman and then, through procreation, and through the ages civilization grew and the world became populated.

On the other end of the debate individuals insist that they evolved from monkeys and over time the arboreal primate came to educate itself, shed the hairy coat, learn to talk, wear shoes...and so the human race was born.

Those that believe that they were born by the grace of God understand that they, as a result, must have an allegiance to this God, and must perform with honor, grace, loyalty, and respect for His word if they are to someday enjoy the favor of His good and great majesty.

Certainly, none of us will live forever and without question living with faith provides a sense of comfort and security for all believers.

As for the others, those involved in "monkey business", over time I've come to realize that there's two sides to every issue. In this case, I no longer entertain heated arguments with those that insist that they originated from monkeys. I now believe that it may be possible...oh not for those that believe in God...I see individuals that walk like a monkey, they act like a monkey, and they talk like an idiot.

Yes, it just may be possible that THEY have an ancestry quite different from the rest of us and for them and their ilk, I give up, monkeys it is...and God bless them.

Dick Kalfus

Cape Coral



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