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Cape needs a clean-up

May 12, 2012
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

I am a full-time caregiver for two developmental disability individuals. I have been living in Cape Coral for the past three years. I have lived in several cities in Florida, New York,and have traveled extensively throughout the United States and many foreign countries. I cannot name one other city in this great country that has as much litter in the streets, fields, and water ways as we do here in the Cape.

I have been teaching my clients the importance of not littering - we always carry garbage bags with us where ever we go for walks, via parks, streets, beach, etc. and pick up the litter. The litter we collect each week is amazing - but let me tell you, I always thought it was from ignorant people throwing things from their cars, but what I just saw today was mind boggling.

Our city trucks are the biggest culprit and the reason for a lot of the litter. As I was sitting in my home today at the front window, our city garbage truck decided to dump its load from the scoop into the top of the truck. I watched in awe as garbage went flying through the air right in front of my house that we try to maintain litter free. As this truck was dumping trash - the fields around us and our yard that my clients have worked endlessly to keep clean, was again a mess. My client, Lisa, came home from her ADT program and the first thing she said to me is "what happened"?? Here is a mentally challenged girl who our neighbors thank and give her thumbs up as she effortlessly stops her bike and walks through the fields even in the dead heat of the summer, who spends her free time collecting and bagging trash from our streets asking what happened.

Look around people - this town is a mess and Lisa and our little group of 40 individuals and caregivers cannot keep up with it. Especially when we have the city garbage truck doing half of the damage. It's kind of sad when you have mentally challenged individuals taking care of our environment and it is turning into a loss cause. Come on Cape Coral, let's clean up this mess. If everyone did their part we sure would have a city to be proud of. And let's try to figure out a way to stop our garbage trucks from littering.

Carol Montgomery

Cape Coral



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