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Which Realtor is right for me?

March 30, 2012
By BOB JEFFRIES , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Q: There are several hundred Realtors on the Cape. How do I choose a Realtor that's right for me?

- Robert E.

A: Selling a home, or purchasing a new one, is the single, most expensive transaction most Americans engage in during their lifetime. Carefully choosing a Realtor to help guide you through this very important, sometimes quite complex, transaction would seem to make very good sense then, wouldn't it?

Just as all professionals have their "specialities," so does real estate sales. Some specialize in commercial real estate, some in residential real estate. Obviously, you would want to choose someone who specializes in residential if you're buying or selling a single-family home.

Experience of the sales professional is also important. Make sure you choose a sales professional who has genuine experience which demonstrates a commitment to growth, knowledge and superior service. Remember, the length of time a person has been involved in real estate sales isn't nearly as important as what they have accomplished during those years.

In this ever-changing, complex world of ours, nothing stands still for long, especially such things as mortgage financing. The sales professional you choose should be able to discuss the full range of financing options and arrangements available to you.

You probably wouldn't choose a "moonlighting" accountant to represent you at a tax audit, so don't make an equivalent mistake by choosing a sales professional who isn't devoted to the profession full-time.

Q: How can we set and get the best price possible for our home? Is there a secret?

- Arthur R.

A: Nope, there is no secret. But a good Realtor couldn't hurt - read on!

Want to sell your home and receive the best price possible? Is there a secret to arriving at exactly the right price? The secret is: there is no secret - only research and hard work.

Some sellers price their home based on their own purchase price. They expect to receive appreciation for each year they occupied the property, say 3%, 5% or 10% per year, plus their original investment.

Others price their home based on need. If they plan to build a new home, they take into account the cash they need to complete their construction costs plus a little extra. Still others may need money for college costs, or medical bills.

No matter what the seller's plans or needs, it is important to understand that the right selling price is one that buyers are willing to pay. In fact, although sellers may set an "asking" price. it is the buyer who set the final sales price. Until buyers agree to pay some amount for a home - there is no sale.

You may say to yourself, "...but that doesn't sound fair. The sellers should be able to set the price. It's their home." The answer might be, "Yes, but if is the buyers who have the money!"

Of course, buyers cannot simply offer a low price and automatically buy the house. The sellers must agree, too. In the end, the final price will be the amount of money which is both offered ... and accepted!

Since buyers compare homes and prices before making a purchase, it is important to understand the value they are currently placing on homes. To get that information, ask a real estate agent to represent you.

The agent has access to detailed information about the prices buyers are currently paying for homes. If you plan to sell, that information can be made available to you, giving you the in-depth knowledge needed to arrive at the right prices for your home.

Price your home correctly from the beginning and you can start packing! I rest my case!


Have a real estate question? Write, call, fax or e-mail:

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4040 Del Prado Blvd., Cape Coral, FL

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