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Long-time watchdog will be missed

December 23, 2011
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Political commentary in the Cape is going to lack some of its snap in 2012.

Ralph LePera, long-time community activist and pundit extraordinaire, died Dec. 10.

He was remembered Thursday night by family, friends and a remarkably broad cross-section of the county's political community, which turned out en masse to honor the man who had held them accountable for more than two decades.

For hold them accountable - the elected, the appointed, the top-tier hired and, most especially, the sanctimonious self-anointed - Mr. LePera did.

And did well.

Ralph LePera was one of a very rare breed seldom found in the political arena any more- a true community watchdog whose loyalty was not chained to a faction, a party, or a mapped ideology served up with what he derisively referred to as political Kool-Aid.

Instead, Ralph LePera fixed an unwavering eye on what he believed was best for Cape Coral and the taxpayers who paid the bills.

He curried no favor. He pulled no punches. He minced no words.

No matter who you were.

His wit, his wisdom, and the biting commentary for which he was known will be sorely missed.

Rest in Peace, Impolitico.

You served your city well.

- Breeze editorial



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