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Eight students earn Do The Right Thing honors

December 14, 2011
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The Cape Coral Police Department held its month Do The Right Thing youth recognition program Wednesday at City Hall. A total of eight students were recognized.

Overall winner

- Emily Hole, 4th grade, Hector Cafferata Elementary, daughter of Shawn and Kristy Hole

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Emily Hole

Emily has been participating in Hector Cafferata's food drive for the past three years and has taken pride in the large amount of canned goods which she has been donating. This year, though, Emily planned ahead knowing that she wanted to make a big difference during the time of year that the food banks often go empty. Emily spent hours of her summer vacation standing outside of Publix collecting donations of canned goods or money for the drive. She used the cash collected to purchase more food and when all was said and done, Emily had brought in more than 300 items. She states that she intends to continue this project every summer. This year was special to her because she saw on the news in late October that someone had stolen a truck full of food from the Harry Chapin Food Bank and while it greatly upset her, it also gave her the motivation to work that much harder.

- Mister Ziegler, 4th grade, Cape Elementary, son of Jesseand Angela Ziegler

It sometimes takes a young person to keep adults focused. Mister's dad told me that he himself left his house early in the morning and as he was driving away, he noticed an elderly neighbor was sitting on his lawn in the dark. He returned a while later to pick up Mister and as they drove past, Mister noticed that the man was still sitting in his lawn and urged his dad to stop so he could check on him. It turned out that the elderly man who has beginning stages of Alzheimer's was walking his dog when he had fallen on the sidewalk. The dog was very protective of his owner and wouldn't let anyone near, so first Mister got the dog away, then ran down the street to tell the man's son so his family could get him to safety. We appreciate Mister for his observant nature and for taking action to help a neighbor.

- Parker Cauble, 12th grade, Island Coast High, son of Rick and Linda Cauble

Parker is a popular senior football player who has many friends. He is also a member of the Swamp Buddy program, a group of students whose intentions are to broaden the social network of Island Coast students with disabilities by including them in different activities. On Nov. 11, the night of the Senior Homecoming Dance, Parker was instrumental in ensuring that many of his Swamp Buddy friends were interacting, dancing and having a good time. He invited them into dance circles and assisted in teaching them various new dance moves. Parker is a role model and encourages others to do what is right.

- Anthony Almeida, 12th grade, Cape Coral High, son of Diana and Anthony Almeida

Anthony has come full circle this year. His behavior and attitude have greatly improved, specifically in the way he treats his classmates. One of his classmates has a speech impediment which other students mock and make fun of. Anthony has befriended this young man and goes out of his way to encourage him. Anthony has shown kindness and leadership by encouraging this young man to improve his grades so that he can be part of the basketball team.



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