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CCPD announces Do the Right Thing winners

September 22, 2011
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

The Cape Coral Police Department has announced its Do The Right Thing winners for September:

- Kiley Klingensmith, first grade, Patriot Elementary, daughter of Rachele Kopowski and Chris Klingensmith

In June, Kiley was enjoying a sleep-over at a friend's house to kick off summer vacation. She and her friends had taken a break from playing in the pool to get something to eat. While everyone was heading inside, a toddler jumped into the pool thinking that her floaties were still on. Kiley was the only person outside at the moment and saw what had happened. She yelled that the child was drowning and then jumped into the pool herself to save her. Kiley held the child's head above water and pulled her closer to the side so an adult could reach her. When this first grader was asked later why she jumped in, she simply said, "all I could see was her hair; I had to save her."

- Dalton Carrube, sixth grade, Evangelical Christian School, son of Tracey Carrube

On Wednesday, June 8, at approximately 1:30 p.m., CCPD received a 911 call regarding a 6-year-old girl who was found walking on the sidewalk at the intersection of Agualinda Boulevard and Savona Parkway. The notes from the call indicated that an 11-year-old boy was waiting with the girl until police arrived. Upon arrival, Lt. Darren McKenna met with the young man, Dalton Carrube and the 6-year-old girl. Dalton informed Lt. McKenna that he had been riding his bike on Agualinda when he came across the young girl. Dalton realized that the girl was crying and appeared to be lost. Dalton further stated that the little girl was holding one of her shoes in her hand and a stuffed animal in the other. Dalton stopped to speak to the little girl and learned that she had just moved here from Miami and didn't know where she lived. Dalton called his father to advise him of the situation, then called 911. Dalton didn't leave the little girl until the police arrived because he wanted to make sure she was safe as it was so hot outside and traffic on that particular street was heavy. In the words of Lt. McKenna, "Dalton exhibited exemplary behavior in recognizing a potentially dangerous situation."

- Brendan Younk, 11th grade, Ida Baker; Marissa Younk, eighth grade Challenger; and Evan Younk, 11th grade, Ida Baker, children of James and Lisa Younk

The Younk family has faced some devastating times recently. Last year both Evan and his mother were diagnosed with cancer. Evan had surgery in January and is still recovering. In late January, the children's dad, who runs his own landscaping business, fell off a roof while helping a neighbor. He fell head first onto concrete and spent nearly three months at Tampa General learning to talk and walk again. He is now home, still recuperating and unable to work, walking with the aid of a walker. When the three children heard that they could soon lose their home, they stepped up to the plate to run their parents' business while attending school full-time. Right after school, the three go right to work landscaping, never asking for anything for themselves, but giving all the money they earn to their mom for the household expenses. According to Lisa, "if it wasn't for the three them, we would be on the streets." When their dad was in the hospital, Lisa, who cannot drive, was driven back and forth to Tampa by Marissa while the two boys handled the company. If taking on the role of adults isn't enough, Evan does so while recuperating from another very serious condition, Brendan appreciates the opportunity to learn more about business and Marissa not only volunteers at the hospital but is also dual enrolled in an effort to be the first Ida Baker student to graduate from high school with a bachelor's degree. We recognize these three young people for their heroic efforts.

- Owen Weeks, 12th grade, Ida Baker, son of Stephen and Karen Weeks

An altercation broke out at Ida Baker High before class which began as an argument but ended as a fight in which one student ended up on top of another student, repeatedly hitting him in the face. The area is a favorite gathering spot and a crowd of students watched. When one of the teachers physically removed the student doing the hitting to escort him away, another student entered the altercation and jumped on the student now defenseless on the ground and he, too, began punching the other student. Owen stepped in at this point and removed the student doing the battering and took the student away from the area. There is no telling how much damage could have been done had Owen not stepped in, officials said. He was not only in the right place at the right time but he did the right thing.

- Payton Buzako, fourth grade, Gulf Elementary, daughter of Joe and Stacy Buzako, and Jaiden Buzako, second grade, Gulf Elementary, daughter of Joe and Stacy Buzako

Payton and Jaiden have a younger brother who is autistic, so during Autism Awareness month when Payton's class began learning about the causes, characteristics and prevention of autism it held a deeper meaning for her. Payton realized during class that little research for prevention has been done, so after some discussion with her sister, the girls decided to find a way to help. Instead of birthday presents this year, Payton and Jaiden chose to have a joint birthday party and asked for donations to an Autism awareness organization. They did just that, and their mom proudly said that they never once complained that they didn't receive birthday gifts this year. The girls' excitement about helping also rubbed off on their parents as well, and as a family they took on a project to educate their community. In August they held a seminar about the subject. They flew in a keynote speaker and both girls got a chance to speak about their experience with autism in their family. At that time they proudly handed over a check for the money they collected during their birthdays. Payton and Jaiden were thanked for their compassion.

- Source: Cape Coral Police Department Youth Recognition Program



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