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Communication — why it is so important

May 10, 2011
By MARIO D'ARTAGNAN, Real Estate in Perspective

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of trust in a business relationship. Today's topic is about communication and why it is the key ingredient in building trust and long-term relationships. From the outset of a listing appointment, to the successful completion of a real estate closing, many issues can and do arise, and unless you are willing to speak with your customers on a regular basis, any expectations of doing future business with these same customers become less probable.

Someone once told me that women speak approximately 4,000 words a day, whereas men aren't even in the same ball park. Personal relationships are built and sustained by great communication between the people involved. This same strategy applies to business relationships. Trust cannot be earned by merely stating something once, then never following up. In other words, actions play a large part in your ability to get results. However, if your customer is not informed every step of the way, anxiety creeps in and you find your customers on edge. Customers have a need to know, and therefore you should provide information to them.

With respect to listings, every seller should be contacted once a week even if there is nothing to report. There is no seller on earth waiting for his agent to call for the sole purpose of asking to lower the price. When you stay in touch with the seller, he or she appreciates the effort you are making, even if you are not bringing them an offer immediately. The seller then becomes more receptive to your requests. When you speak once a week, the relationship strengthens. Moreover, when you finally get a contract for sale and the closing soon follows, the sellers are more likely to refer you to new customers. Why? Because you stayed in touch.

Life presents many situations where choices have to be made. A professional delineation is always determined by distinction. The distinction is clearly defined by those who make suggestions based on years of experience and commitment. When a real estate relationship is solidified, it is done so because the agent declares a course of action, promises dedication and at each and every juncture, does exactly what he or she says he or she is going to do, with no procrastination - always. No buyer or seller, when experiencing one of the most profound experiences of their lives, should ever entrust their faith to any agent who does not appreciate the irreplaceable value of communication and trust.

Mario D'Artagnan is a broker associate at Paradise Realty, specializing in domestic and European clientele. Mario is a former investigator for the Florida Real Estate Commission. He is also a former real estate instructor. He is a published author and has been a keynote speaker on the subject of agency law. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. For questions or comments contact him at: or call 239-565-4445 or visit

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