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How do you become a real estate salesman?

March 25, 2011

Q: A few weeks ago I was laid off from my job for the third time in the last 12 months. When I work, I earn about $16 per hour. But my family can't live on un-employment.

Some time ago you wrote about the benefits of selling real estate. As I am 61 and am eligible for early retirement, I'm thinking of retiring and selling real estate for a living. What must I do to become a real estate salesman?

A: There's always a shortage of "outstanding" real estate sales people. However, please don't enter realty sales unless you genuinely want to be of service helping your clients buy and sell homes. In the last few years, we in Southwest Florida have doubled plus in real estate agents. The market has been that good, how long that will last? It reminds me of the boom in California. In the L.A. area, one of every four persons had a real estate license. Then the market went bust. Perhaps you might be interested in other real estate careers, such as commercial property sales and leasing.

Your first step is to learn the real estate sales license requirements for the state for you want to sell real estate. Sorry I can't give you any references - not allowed.

Call or write the real estate commissioner's office at the state capitol for details, or ask another real estate salesperson.

The next step is to take the required preparation courses so you can pass the license exam.

I find it amazing nobody ever grows up thinking, "I want to be a real estate salesperson." Like you, most realty agents started their careers in another field but later realized the benefit and enjoyment of selling real estate. I have been the real estate business for over 37 years and I also started in a different field - go figure.

This is a continuance of a question from last week. I accidentally put it in another stack of letters, sorry.

Q: Bob, what should I look for in a roommate in the future?

- Ron B.

A: Start with a list of your lifetime habits. Set out from the beginning of the day and move forward.

Do you rise early and knock around early in the kitchen while making a big breakfast? Do you have certain food allergies or dietary choices to adhere to?

Other considerations:

Once you've found a roommate, the next step is to set up rules in writing. Several roommate contracts are available, via Internet search engines, bookstores and housing offices.

I hope this works with last weeks roommate questions.


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